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    The latest from AFNetworking (@AFNetworking). A delightful iOS and OS X networking framework
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    ... saying No visible @interface for 'UIImageView' declares the selector 'setImageWithURL: ... AFNetworking+UIImageView placeholder image shows up, but not URL image. 0.
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    AFNetworking is an alternative solution for doing ... AFNetworking will never freeze the user interface of the ... Follow AFNetworking on Twitter ...
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    AFNetworking contains everything you need to interface with online resources, ... no AFNetworking code has been added yet. ... Follow Scott on Twitter; Comments
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    AFNetworking slides from my presentation at the October 2011 meeting of the Houston iPhone Developers Meetup.
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    Even though Interface Builder is great, ... The archive contains a folder named AFNetworking, ... You can follow Bart on Twitter (@_bartjacobs). Plus Premium
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    Are you looking for ways to make your business more visible in your ... Mari reviews the new Twitter user interface. ... Learn more about the Networking Clubs .
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    What's Next for AFNetworking - at CocoaHeads Stockholm 2013. by spotify 144 views Mattt Thompson (Heroku) gives an intro to today's AFNetworking APIs and utilities ...
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    Posted by uliwitness in MacOS, MIT License, Networking, User Interface, ... Official AFNetworking Repository. 7. SDWebImage. ... Twitter feed; RSS feed;
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    No visible @interface 'AFURLConnectionOpretion' declares the selector ' setCompletionBlockWithSuccess' ios objective-c file-download ... AFNetworking make the same ...
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    No visible @interface for 'FirstViewController' declares the selector 'setUIImage' 0. No visible @interface for 'AppDelegate' declares the selector-2.
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    It's 100% free, no registration required. Filter AFNetworking response. up vote 0 ... no visible @interface for 'Location' declares the selector 'objectForKey'
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    I'm using AFNetworking for upload images also, ... "No visible @interface for 'NSData' declares the selector 'base64EncodeString'" – d2burke Sep 2 '12 at 22:08. 1
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